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Older man with nurse

Hey There

We have created a team dedicated to compassionate and individualized care for seniors with different types and levels of dementia. We provide assistance, supervision, and comfort for elderly residents in a family-like environment. We offer personalized care with kindness and warmth, utilizing each person’s potential for independence, while also understanding their limitations.

All about us

Our caregiver staff is trained with many years of experience in elderly care, cognitive impairment, dementia, hospice care, incontinence, functional decline, falls, and other medical conditions in older adults.

At Golden Sunset Villa, we recognize that each individual brings with him or her a lifetime of experiences, hopes, and dreams. We truly believe that the care your loved one will receive does not follow a “one size fits all” model, which is why we work with each individual to develop a personal care plan that not only meets their needs, but enables us to exceed their expectations.

Our emphasis on individualized care means that we take the time to become experts on your loved ones, in order for them to truly enjoy all of life’s best moments in the presence of other residents who enjoy the extraordinary attention to detail that we provide.

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